Biking around Governor’s Island

ihyt 2014 G Island 2

A few weekends ago (and maybe I’m talking more like a month ago) the 3 of us managed to leave the house before 9am. We got on our bikes, picked up a fresh fruit juice from a street cart, and caught the free ferry over to Governors Island to go for a bike ride. This wasn’t our first time to Governor’s Island – see here, but it was our first time with the bikes. The bikes have been a great addition to the family this summer. I’m so glad I convinced my other half that buying bikes would be a great idea. I’m also pretty happy that we have to store them in our one bedroom apartment along with 3 strollers and whatever other “junk” goes with having a 15 month old (seriously though, that part didn’t go according to plan. I really thought we’d be able to store them in the bike storage in the building). But…we’ve seen so much more of the city with George than we ever would have with just a stroller and George loves going for a bike ride. He will happily sit on the back seat pointing out his favorite things like ambulances, fire engines, cranes and any type of earth moving equipment along the way. But I digress….biking around Governors Island is really a neat thing to do on a summer’s day.

ihyt 2014 G Island 3

{^The view is pretty amazing. Honestly, it never gets old. I still kick myself that I live in this city^}

ihyt 2014 G Island 7 ihyt 2014 G Island 6

{^Tim must have had the camera all day because this was the one and only photo of Tim and George the whole day. When will we ever learn that you don’t need to lean into a photo?!^}

ihyt 2014 G Island 9

{^The streets around the island are big and with no cars, it makes bike riding around the island super easy^}

ihyt 2014 G Island 11 ihyt 2014 G Island 12 ihyt 2014 G Island 10

{^The island has an excellent kiddies play area with a tree house made of 100% recycled materials and a mini (putt putt) golf course. George wasn’t too sure about the life-sized gorilla hovering over one of the holes. I was trying to convince him it wasn’t real and was ok to touch. He really wasn’t sure^}

ihyt 2014 G Island 4{^This has turned into one of my favorite family photos of the summer originally shared on Instagram. This is on the ferry back to the city and the skyline of Manhattan is between our heads. Obviously the skyline was a white out, but I was just happy that it only took a couple of times to take the picture and we were all smiling^}


Sunday morning bike ride to Central Park

ihyt-2014 central park 3Last Sunday before Tim left for yet another business trip to Mexico we “quickly” rode the bikes up to Central Park. Here are a few snaps from the 10 minutes we spent in the Park, just enough time to have a snack and drink of water before heading back downtown so that Tim wouldn’t miss his flight.

ihyt-2014 Central Park 1

{^Currently obsessed by fire engines, ambulances, buses, cement mixes and motorbikes^}

ihyt-2014 central park 2

ihyt-2014 central park 4

{^If anyone has any tips for taking pictures of toddlers we’d love to hear them, George is constantly moving and most pictures end up like this one^}

ihyt-2014 central park 5{^My favorite picture of my two boys^}


Daily Reads


I am always finding new fashion/lifestyle blogs that I love and my daily reads change all the time. I shared my daily reads a few months ago here and since then I’ve dropped a couple and added some more.  As with last time this is in no particular order.

Damsel in Dior - I love Jacey and I think I have to confess that she is my favorite style blogger of the moment (followed closely by Sincerely Jules) she consistently comes up with great everyday outfits that provide excellent inspiration. And she hangs out with Catt Sadler and Giuliana Rancic, you can’t get much cooler than that.

Could I Have That? -  She lives in Santa Barbara which looks like such a dreamy place to live and she’s recently pregnant and I can’t wait to see what she has for us.

My Daily Style – Mireia Oller has been my style icon since I can remember. I loved her during her last pregnancy and if you are pregnant its worth looking through her archives to check out how chick she is. She resonates with my hippy i’m going to live in a teepee side.

Starstyle – to indulge my celebrity fashion addiction.

Pink Peonies - Rach Parcell has the whole preppy clean-cut down to an art.

Please feel free to send me your favorites, I’m always on the look out for new inspiration.


Fire Island, New York

ihyt-2014 fire island 5

Earlier this year when some friends suggested we share a house for a week on Fire Island, NY we jumped at the chance. The past couple of summers we had hired a house in the Hampton’s for a week but this year we were really looking for a new destination to explore (you can see our previous trips to the Hampton’s here, here, here, here and here) and Fire Island sounded perfect.

Part of the beauty about Fire Island is that it’s so close to NY. It is a short (1 1/2  hour) drive out of NY city on Long Island plus a 30 minute ferry ride and there you are, on this beautiful island which is less than a mile wide (about 1.5kms) with the beach on one side and the bay on the other. The hamlet we stayed in was Kismet, it basically has a pub, a general store and pizza/ice cream shop. Living in NY we are spoilt for choice, we have everything at our fingertips, so the simplicity of Kismet was perfect and a much-needed escape (I really don’t need a latte every morning)!

Although the weather was amazing the weekend we arrived, it turned pretty overcast and wet for the remainder of the week. It was slightly disappointing but it was the perfect time to unplug and spend quality time with our friends and their new baby. There were endless games of Jenga and Trivial Pursuit, lots of good food, good conversation and wine.

ihyt-2014 fire island 4{^The house we stayed in was a bit kitsch – it had this whole beach vibe going on^}

ihyt-2014 fire island 7 ihyt-2014 fire island 6 ihyt-2014 fire island 8

{^These little trolleys are used to take your luggage from the ferry to your house. Owners just leave the trolleys by the ferry dock permanently^}
ihyt-2014 fire island 9

ihyt-2014 fire island 16

ihyt-2014 fire island 17

ihyt-2014 fire island 10

{^We didn’t take a stroller/pram with us since the only cars on the island require a permit and we wanted to let George have the freedom to walk everywhere but we realized that he was super slow and would stop to look and touch EVERYTHING (kids will be kids…we are still learning) so sometimes we’d put him in one of these Radio Wagon that was stored under the house to wheel him around. I don’t think he was too impressed^}

ihyt-2014 fire island 11{^On our last day the weather was decent so we walked up to the lighthouse^}

ihyt-2014 fire island 12

{^The boys climbed to the top – you can see how skinny the island is from the bay side and the beach side^}

ihyt-2014 fire island 14 ihyt-2014 fire island 13{^George wasn’t allowed to climb to the top of the lighthouse so we  stayed outside to explore^}

ihyt-2014 fire island 15{^This was the beach on the weekend when the weather was perfect^}

ihyt-2014 fire island 2{^This was one of the not so perfect days^}

ihyt-2014 fire island 1{^This guy really didn’t care whether it was sunshine or rain, as long as he got to play in the sand he was happy^}