Where does your baby sleep?


{This is our bedroom. Please excuse the mess under the bed and the temporary nature of our “picture art” (and bed). George’s crib/cot is honestly the best $100 we spent, purchasing it second-hand from my mammas group}

Where your child sleeps is such a personal topic and I don’t think there is any ‘normal’. When you bring your baby home from hospital I think you make the decision pretty quickly - does your baby sleep in the bedroom with you for some time, do you co-sleep or do you put your newborn in the nursery straight away. I don’t think there is any right or wrong answer, every family does what suits them and circumstance.

I’ve been following both A Cup of Jo and Hey Natalie Jean for a while now so this article (which was a few months ago now) by Daily Mail didn’t come as a surprise to me. Joanne Goddard had her second child sleeping in the bathroom at one stage; and Natalie Jean’s kid, Huck, has been sleeping in the closet since he was born.

We live in a one bedroom apartment so George has always slept in our bedroom. It’s tough and it’s not ideal but its circumstance and that’s what we had to do. Yes we hear everything in the middle of the night (and kids are certainly noisy especially when they go through developmental phases) and unfortunately for us George is a pretty light sleeper (go figure since he was born in New York City) so we have to keep noise to a minimum. As George is getting older and much more aware it’s been getting much harder (we are currently sleeping on the couch) so we’ve been thinking more and more about  converting our walk-in-closest into a small space to put his crib. The space would work well as a bedroom with the doors left open for ventilation but when it comes down to it we’d have to buy another crib as we don’t think awesome second-hand one we purchased will fit in the space and really, where would I hang all my clothes? Ideally, if we didn’t live in NY, in a one-bedroom apartment, George would most certainly be in his own bedroom by now and I’ve had friends in NY who have had their kids sleep in their bedroom without any issues. But for now, we are on the couch until further notice.

I do get a tinge of jealousy when I hear our friends talk about converting rooms into nursery’s because I’d like to do that too and hopefully I’ll be able to do that sometime in the future. For now I can just dream of gorgeous baby boys room and for fun, lets just look at some inspiration.

ihyt 2014 kids rooms 1{Mason Disick’s retro inspired room}

ihyt 2014 kids rooms 2

ihyt 2014 kids rooms 3


ihyt-2014 kids room 7

ihyt 2014 kids rooms 5

ihyt 2014 kids rooms 6

Looking for more inspiration, check out Petite Vintage Interiors.

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Corporate office-style {inspiration}

ihyt-2014 photo office inspiration 5

Last week I turned up to a client meeting wearing something that I would be ashamed of if I happened to run into one of my friends on the street afterwards. I don’t know if it’s because i still haven’t lost all my baby weight so I can’t fit into all my previous work clothes, or because it was a combination of being sleep deprived due to a 2am wake up call (thanks George) and the heat and humidity just meant that I really couldn’t be bothered *gasp*.  After that day I realized that maybe I was missing some inspiration for office wear because in a prior life I use to love getting dressed up to go to work and took a certain level of pride in my appearance. I admit, it’s rough when you don’t exactly love your job and even rougher when no matter what you put on in the morning you are guaranteed a sticky hand to grab your skirt or a dirty hand to put marks on your crisp white clean shirt. So, here is some office-friendly looks for both summer and winter for those of us that work in the corporate world.

ihyt-2014 photo office inspiration 4

ihyt-2014 photo office inspiration 1 Celebrity Sightings At LFW A/W 2012 - February 19, 2012

{Olivia Palermo no doubt has some of the best conservative style inspiration that perfectly translates to the corporate world}

ihyt-2014 photo office inspiration 3

ihyt-2014 photo office inspiration 8

ihyt-2014 photo office inspiration 7

ihyt-2014 photo office inspiration 9

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{Spotted} The little white dress

There is no doubt that summer has arrived in New York. The temperatures and humidity have been high. There is probably nothing more comfortable in these weather conditions than a little white dress.  This summer it is almost as if the little white dress has surpassed the need for a ‘LBD’. Depending on your destination, the little white dress can be dressed up or down. It works with any shoe – sandal, heal or ballet flat and can even be used as a cover-up on the way to the beach. Take some inspiration from the following ladies.

ihyt-2014 photo white dress couldihavethat 1

ihyt-2014 photo white dress pinterest 5

ihyt-2014 photo white dress damselindior 2

ihyt-2014 photo white dress fashiontag 4

ihyt-2014 photo white dress oliviapalermo 3

ihyt-2014 photo white dress 6

ihyt-2014 photo white dress 7 man repeller

The most challenging part. Finding the right one that works for you.

{Spotted} The ankle-grazing, floor-sweeping cardigan

ihyt-2014 photo long coat 7

New York weather has been ridiculous lately – one day the sun is shining and we are showing bare skin and the next day it’s snowing and we have to unpack our winter jackets which we had all put away in defiance, secretly wishing that just because we packed our winter clothes away it wouldn’t get cold anymore.

It’s almost May so we should be done with the snow but it’s still cold enough in the shade for a light weight jacket. Enter the ankle-grazing cardigan which is a great transition piece that can easily take you from winter to spring or summer to autumn (depending on which hemisphere you are currently living in). Either throw on some heals or put on your favorite sneakers for a more casual look. For our weekly street style inspiration, check out these ladies who show us how to style the floor-grazing cardigan in this in between season weather.

ihyt-2014 photo long cardigan 5

ihyt-2014 photo long coat 9

ihyt-2014 photo long jacket 4ihyt-2014 photo long coat 6ihyt-2014 photo long jacket 3

ihyt-2014 photo long coat 8ihyt-2014 photo long coat 2ihyt-2014 photo long coat 1

{Miranda Kerr – this girl always looks amazing – she has one great stylist}

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