A road trip to Maine {Part II}

ihyt-2014 photo Maine 24

I know this is a little ridiculous since it is April 2014 and we took this road trip about 8 months ago but I really wanted to share the pictures of our trip up to Maine and New Hampshire because it is really a beautiful part of the US. Part I which includes Cape Code and Boston can be found here.

After Cape Code and Boston we headed straight up to Maine, to a little place called Bar Harbor. We considered stopping in Portland but in the end decided against it because we didn’t have enough time.

By this stage George had adjusted to all the time we were spending in the car and was pretty ok with us changing his environment every couple of nights. Except for the one night he woke up at 2am and decided it was time to play for a few hours – this didn’t fare well for Mum and Dad in the morning.

The biggest challenge of the trip, for us, turned out to be getting dinner. George’s bed time is just around dinner time and by the time we could get our sh&t together it was pretty late. Being on holidays we didn’t want to eat dinner in our hotel room (which we did a couple of times) but in the end, after a lot of trial and error, what worked best for us was doing the whole bedtime routine, getting him to sleep in the stroller and then taking him out. This didn’t work all the time and certainly didn’t work when we were eating in noisy restaurants but more than often it was the best for us.

ihyt-2014 photo Maine 23

ihyt-2014 photo Maine 22{We stopped at some really pretty towns along the way, like this one – Portsmouth}

ihyt-2014 photo Maine 25{And this town which I can’t remember what it was called but these New England steeples are killing me}

ihyt-2014 photo Maine 26 ihyt-2014 photo Maine 27

{Last summer I was on the hunt to find the best lobster roll I could. This wasn’t it but the location here was up there with the best}

ihyt-2014 photo Maine 31

{Whilst in Bar Harbor we took a ferry ride out to see  the lighthouses and gawk at the massive holiday houses – Martha Stewart’s ‘Skylands‘ is in the area}

ihyt-2014 photo Maine 30

ihyt-2014 photo Maine 33 ihyt-2014 photo Maine 35

{We hiked around this lake…in our flip flops…we were totally unprepared}ihyt-2014 photo Maine 36

ihyt-2014 photo Maine 37

{Our final stop was this beautiful lake in New Hampshire}ihyt-2014 photo Maine 38{We stayed in this great old hotel on the lake. It was a beautiful warm summers night and we ate take away pizza and drank a bottle of red wine on our balcony while George slept in the bedroom. Honestly, it was the best night of the trip}

And so there you have it, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine in 10 days. It was totally worth the tears, the lack of sleep and hours in the car.


{Spotted} The Adidas Superstar

ihyt-2014 photo adidas superstar 2

It was only a matter of time before we saw the classic-shell-toe Adidas Superstar make a reappearance on the streets. The classic was spotted making its comeback at NYFW earlier this year. Take some inspiration from these ladies who show us how to style them in 2014. ihyt-2014 photo adidas superstar 6 ihyt-2014 photo adidas superstar 5 ihyt-2014 photo adidas superstar 4 ihyt-2014 photo adidas superstar 3 ihyt-2014 photo Adidas superstar 1

ihyt-2014 photo adidas superstar 7

Get a pair at the Adidas store.

ihyt-2014 photo adidas superstar 8

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What is norm core? {is it a trend or non-trend?}

ihyt-2014 photo normcoreAm I the only person that doesn’t/didn’t know what the term normcore meant? Until today I’d seen the term floating around but never really understood what it meant. Honestly, I’m not really sure it is or was a ‘thing’ and I’m pretty sure all the commentary is basically calling it a non-trend. But if you are interested, here are the best articles describing what ‘normcore’ actually is.

The most entertaining article can be found at Elle.

InStyle put together a very short and to the point article. 

UK Vogue and Huffington Post are taking themselves pretty seriously.

And of course, you can’t google a term without checking out Wikipedia

{Pictures of New York city} the view from New Jersey

ihyt-2014 photo NY weekends 1This past weekend was a beautiful weekend in New York. It made me reignite my love with the city especially since the weather was warm”ish” and the days are getting longer.

On Saturday we headed over to New Jersey to catch up with some friends who recently got engaged – happy times. We caught the ferry across to New Jersey city and then caught the light rail up to Hoboken. It was super easy even with a stroller and the views of New York are phenomenal from the other side of the river.

ihyt-2014 photo NY weekends 2 ihyt-2014 photo NY weekends 4 ihyt-2014 photo NY weekends 6

ihyt-2014 photo NY weekends 7



Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall

ihyt-2014 photo gallery wall 9

I have always loved the look of a gallery wall but never been game enough to put one together as filling up a wall space with your favorite pieces of art can be intimidating and combining art styles overwhelming. A gallery wall can be a cheaper alternative to buying one large expensive piece of art and gives you the opportunity to display illustrations, paintings and a variety of distinctive pieces. But it can take a little bit of effort.

Victoria from Hamilton Hill has shared her tips in creating the perfect gallery wall:

1. don’t be afraid to mix prints & colours and different size frames. This can make a real impact in an monochromatic room and makes it looks like you have collected pieces over time

ihyt-2014 photo gallery wall 5

2. set it up before you hang. Either cut each frame out in newspaper or use painters tape to lay it out on your wall. You can also use the paper inserts you get with the frame. This Wall Display Template from Etsy is a great idea https://www.etsy.com/listing/72323502/wall-display-template-10-pack

3. hanging frames on corner walls (where 2 walls meet) can be a really effective way of creating a ‘nook’ in an otherwise dead space.

ihyt-2014 photo gallery wall 10

ihyt-2014 photo gallery wall 5

4. a cheap and effective way to decorate a baby’s nursery or children’s room. Use fabric & wallpaper cuttings and frame these!

5. don’t worry if it doesn’t look ‘finished’. Part of the charm of a gallery wall is that you can add to it as you collect new pieces. You may only start with 3 frames and that is ok!

6. use a larger matte to enhance the size of smaller photo’s.

ihyt-2014 photo gallery wall 4

7. use your kids artwork. The majority of people don’t know what to do with the abundance of drawings & paintings that come home. Frame them and create a colourful wall in your kids play room or bedroom. A very cost-effective way to decorate!

8. You can also add other objects into the mix. Try using oversize letters, clocks or mirrors to create a more eclectic look.

ihyt-2014 photo gallery wall 3

9. Maintain some sort of balance in the arrangement. Even if it is a more organic hanging style it does need an element of planning. You don’t want your wall to look top-heavy or unbalanced to one side. A good tip for maintaining balance to leave the same amount of space between each piece you are hanging.ihyt-2014 photo gallery wall 2 ihyt-2014 photo gallery wall 1

10. If you don’t want to hang on the wall or want to change-up your frames often, sit them on shelves. You can still use different sized frames and overlap them if desired.

ihyt-2014 photo gallery wall 8

11. If you are finding it too difficult to hang yourself – hire someone!! There are professional hangers out there who will make life a whole lot easier for you.

For interior design inspiration, follow Hamilton Hill on Facebook or Instagram @hamiltonhill.

If you are looking for some cheap art work i’ve rounded up a couple of great options:-

Ork have some amazing posters of city neighborhoods all around the world (sorry Aussie friends but they don’t have any Australian cities yet). Made by Girl  has some good fun prints which are cheap and cheerful and perhaps some vintage Vogue covers would make an excellent addition to a gallery wall.  When we first moved to NY we purchased a photo from She Hit Pause Studio at the Brooklyn Flea and there are still a couple of prints that I’d love to convince my husband that we should buy (you can see which pic we purchased here).

{Spotted} The leather jacket

ihyt-2014 photo leather 1

When I saw this I had to laugh, it totally depicts winter in NY. And as Natalie Holbrook from Hey Natalie Jean pointed out it clearly shows that the opportunity to wear a leather jacket in New York is minutely thin based on the length of spring and autumn in this part of the world.

It did get me thinking that it will soon be one of those rare days where its not too cold and not too hot that I might be able to break out my leather jacket and wear it which then brings me to the point of this post, how am i going to style it? So whether you are going into winter in the southern hemisphere or entering spring here are some pictures to inspire you to get your leather jacket out of the closet.

ihyt-2014 photo leather 2ihyt-2014 photo leather 3ihyt-2014 photo leather 4ihyt-2014 photo leather 5

ihyt-2014 photo leather 6

If you are in the market for a jacket I’m loving both of these from Zara which are a great price and great new colors for this season. I’d buy them both if i didn’t already have one.